Messi Video Score: 4 / 5

25 comments on “adidas WE ALL RUN: David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Derrick Rose and Katy Perry go all in — 60 edition

  1. I like the remix of the remix of this song, ashame it isn’t a real song. Btw katy perry did a good job in the commercial stop bragging on her. I think she was great.

  2. I hate this commercial because it doesn’t include any city from Asia-Pacific which has the fastest market share growth. Adidas did something really wrong. I used to buy is products and I won’t any more.

  3. kay, i’m just concluding that you don’t understand english/are borderline retarded cause you don’t seem to be processing my reasoning, and have no reasons for your opinion… 

  4. idk why i love this commercial…. maybe because of the song or maybe its david beckham! but they should have more soccer players!!! like BENZEMA!! im a MADRID FAN! but i can Messi is good 😀

  5. Messi with 61 goals this season, only 7 more to pass Gerd “der bomber” Muller for the record in a European season. 3 times world player of the year, and he’s still only 24.

  6. passed by an adidas store, the shoe was there but Katy’s face was the main background and there were two more pictures of her. The other two were Messi and Rose. So Katy was the main face of the new shoe.

  7. As well as being a performance brand, adidas also has its heritage brand as well as its style brand (Y-3, less known). Katy Perry is used as an ambassador for that side as well. Today, adidas is a lot more than just sport performance e.g. they have jeans. and so they have endorsers to represent this. Although in this she is wearing the performance clothing…haha

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