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24 comments on “Barcelona vs Ac milan 3 1 03.04.12 The Controversial Penalty : The Facts & Uefalona

  1. ur a fucking idiot this is obviously not a penalty funny how this always happens watch what happened against Chelsea that was some bullshit and last years against Arsenal

  2. this just show how the stupid real madrid fans want to make look barcelona bad in anyways so they can feel good, hahahaha barcelona will always be better than real M. if yall keep doing shit like this to make barca look bad.
    ok take away that penalti 2-1 barcelona won, in fact who are the ones who always play dirty when they are loosing yeah (REAL FAGGS)

  3. The only player that dive from barca is Busquets, and Alves doesn’t dive anymore. Real madrid players that dive are C.ronaldo, Di maria, Pepe, Marcelo. Real madrid is the most team that had penalties in La liga this season and last season-FACT.

  4. fuck… go watch the video that how pepe and real madrid did violence on players but no red card….. and the ref was saw that moment they did the violence…. all teams do the same at their home match….. not only real, but Man Utd , chelsea , man city and all others team…

  5. what a fucking idiot!!! now everybody forgot that the ref. didn’t see TWO penalties at San Siro. fucking real madrid fans…now there are just talking about Chelsea and blah blah blah..and nobody..nobody says anything about how Inter milan robbed fc barcelona in 2010..they want to see what they want to see..

  6. One thing i know is that *There is nothing hidden under the sun,and what goes up will surely come down.*…………………Bye and bye we will all know what is really happening in football now. As for Platini the least said the better.

  7. The ball was not in play at the moment and the best thing the ref was suppose to do ,is to caution them and then continue again with corner. Puyol also was fouling Nesta in there.This a real disgrace to football bcos football has lost it real taste and value as it use to be,now it is pure politics now(ask Platini and co)

  8. For me it depends where the referee was looking for before and while the play started! Whe have the video and the time to review the action not for the referee!

  9. PART 3

    The biggest workspace for a referee in football is for Barcelona at Camp Nou and Champions Leage games, every judge want to judge theese matches and stay at that possition, becouse it’s the highest possition.
    If the judge don’t stand behind Barca and give them an advantage they’re out.

    Have you ever seen a referee that’s been 50/50 at the Nou Camp judge for them again? I dont think so.

    Need I say more, use your brain.

    I think Barcelona and UEFA walks hand in hand.

    FC UEFA.

  10. PART 2

    It’s just so many things that’s wrong with Barcelona and it stinks of corrupsy.
    They dont need this, they’re the best even without the judges and all the filming that’s going on in match after match.

    The Judges are allways standing behind Barcelona, and if they dont then they will not judge at Camp Nou Again.

  11. My thougths on this.

    PART 1

    They’re the best team in the world, BUT I cant like them as a team becouse of all the shit that’s going on out on the field and probably outside the Nou Camp, behind the scenes.
    I personally hate some of the player’s just becouse of the discusting Hollywood acting and when B-players does a sertain thing nothing happens but when the opposite team does it they’re being punished. hard.

  12. Because they went to win with controversial situation always Chelsea and this and many others i mean the Chelsea one was just pure disgrace

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