Messi Video Score: 4 / five

24 comments on “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi – The Movie – 2012 HD

  1. over half of the clip was ronaldo what about messi’s finishing??
    my result messi is a better finisher
    ronaldo has more skills and a deadly f-kick so more stuff on messi plz and show ronaldos skills were we can actually underfucking see them

  2. Que buen video pero CR7de lejos es mejor jugador q Messi ,Messi sin iniesta y xavi no es nada pero CR7 solo se inventa una jugada de gol. Como juega ¡¡¡

  3. you should so much more ronaldo clips than messi clips … 4 gods sake .. ronaldo sucks he will never b the best again, he runs 2 a cornr , does all of these stupid step overs , dives,cries and then make a face 4 the picture , all he does is tap ins and penalties he has an amazing free kick thts all!!!!!!!

  4. Im a huuge Barca fan i love Messi but i truly feel other players such as Iniesta and Xavi are a bit underated next to him. ……. Im not the typical Antimadridista and hate on whats good .Christiano is an insane player but cant really compare to Messi`s technique. Alot of what Christiano does doesnt seem to show when playing against Barca. He becomes pretty wack. Cant fool them “Puyol” with his fancy feet dance.

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