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24 comments on “Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lionel Messi Vs Neymar – Take It To The Head – Battle Skills/Goals/Freestyle HD

  1. You have to look at the team each of them has. Neymar has like 1 other good player on his team, while Messi has like 10. 2 forwards can’t do nothing against 5 defenders.

  2. Yea I have played soccer and still am in college. They don’t pass the ball for 25 seconds its more like 2 minutes where the make the defenders run after the ball. While Messi just stands and watches what happens, then once they see teh defenders are tired they give it to Messi so he can do his little gay tricks when they are tired while Messi is rested. Have you ever played because if your not winded after every play, then that means your not going hard. Maybe you should do that if you play.

  3. Bro Messi and Barca have been together for like 8 years, they know how they each play and thats why they are good as a team. While CR7 and Madrid have been together for like 2 years with the team they have now. If Madrid would have been together for 8 years like Barca, Barca wouldn’t stand a chance.

  4. Well Higuain had proven himself as a bad forward time and time. Casillas is showing that he’s not the same as last year because he can’t save some goals that are on his side of the net. Di Maria is always getting injured. Pepe can’t control his emotions resulting in him get red cards. Kaka isn’t the same that he was when he was in Milan but if he was Barca would get raped. So that pretty much only leaves Ozil and Sergio Ramos for CR7.

  5. well right now he’s only 19 and he has the same body type as Ramires on Chelsea, nobody would know whether he would make it unless he shows when he gets there he can’t. The most physical leagues I see are the Italian League and the English League where a shit load of south americans go

  6. lets see if he can impress the world with argentina’s jersy…..a single club top goal scorer wont make anyone legend….then there are many legends till date..Every club has a top goal scorer for christ’s sake.and you cant call all those a legend…

  7. Messi is a Barca legend already at age 24..and the fact that he is Barca’s best EVER player and now all time top scorer makes him a ;egend.//and the same cant be said for Ronaldo and Neymar..and my guess..will NEVER reach that L:EGEND status in their lives ….WHere is it written you have to prove it in your country to be your club legend DUMMY ???

    FYI….Messi still has a good 8-10 years to impress in Argentina Jersey as well…

  8. 1 – Ronaldo – He’s had the experience of the Premier League
    2 – Messi – He is a class player, but dominates the Spanish League (average)
    3 – Neymar – Just dominates it in the Brazilian League
    Premier League > Liga Bbva > Serie A

  9. You act like CR7 doesnt have a team just like Barca on his back as well, then who the fuck are these name; Kaka, Ozil, Casillas, Xabi Alonso, Higuain, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Angel Di Maria, dude both teams are class. What it comes down too is that neither Messi or CR7 are teams themselves, but as players Messi is an all around better player

  10. um have you ever played football in your life? you dont get winded by chasing passes for 25 seconds, yeah 25 seconds is all it takes for Messi to rape the oppositions defense and put one in the back of the net.

  11. LEGEND???ON WHAT BASIS????He may have reached the level of Platini or Barcelona’s top goal scorer He cant be hailed Legend…..Neymar won Puskas award in his teen age then can we say him a legend???Just winning a award wont make you legend,you have to prove yourself everywhere like for club and Country ….

  12. Messi’s all goal are almost similar,he does have the stamina and strength..he run fast with the goal just only beating the defender but Ronaldo shows his trick and saves the stamina….

  13. I wouldn’t say the best dribbler because Neymar, Robinho, Ronaldinho are still playing. I never said he couldn’t play against anyone, he can but with the help of the refs like usual.I never said CR7 was better than Messi, I just said they each have their own specialties they have and CR7 is like 5 inches taller than him amybe if Messi was as athletic as CR7 he could be but he’s not. Pele and Maradonna are way better than Messi is now because they won the world cup for their team whil Messi didnt

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