Messi Video Ranking: 4 / five

25 comments on “FC Barcelona – Messi. DNA Blaugrana

  1. Maybe he thinks going down like you’ve been tasered everytime someone brushes you, like Busquets, or doesn’t touch you at all, like C.Ronaldo, is a sign of intelligence. All I know for sure is he has never watched Messi play.

  2. Rubbish he’s a fuckin cheat! joey bartons a better player! i’ve heard a rumor that john terry’s gunner break him in half next week! that’ll be fun

  3. perhaps someone should break your hands for writing this kind of stuff. leo is the best in the world.when he hangs up his boot ,he will be remembered as one of the greatest ever. he is such a joy to watch…so try to enjoy him playing while you can coz players like him comes once in lifetime…….

  4. except from maradona… all those other people had a more quality side than argentina france had an amazing defense pele had the best team of all time and cruyff had the first total football team maradona is the exception cuz his team was anything but spectacular but still messi is 24 so its too early to say he wont do it…

  5. anybody agree that david beckham is the most overrated player since vinnie jones……….vinnie jones had more class than posh spices knicker draw……section5 sqaud

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