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24 comments on “HD – Lionel Messi | All Goals and Skills | Season 2011/2012 – So far

  1. Yes, of course one goal at the world cup shows C.Ronaldos great talent!!! Only legends score at the world cup. Of course not! Both were not good at the world cup and it doesn’t make any difference if Ronaldo scored one goal or not. But what I can say is that Messi does much more for the game of Barca than Ronaldo does for Madrids game. Messi is playmaker and striker at the same time. Ronaldo isn’t.

  2. he may get more assists. but atleast he can do something on his own like when he played for portugal in the world cup. he atleast scored one goal.
    when messi was in argentina he scored no goal. that shows who is the real talented man.

  3. That’s what all the Messi haters say, but not long ago I read an interesting statistic, which says that C.Ronaldo gets much more assists by two Madrid Players (One of them was Özil, I’m not sure who was the second one) than Messi gets assists from Xavi and Iniesta. So your argument is just a fail. Of course Messi profits from the great Barca team, but C.Ronaldo also profits from his teammates.

  4. It’s not good to only score goals. You need to show everything like messi! A good playmaker and a unbelivable good finisher. You need to show your passing abillities.

  5. 4:02 I haven’t see all of Messi’s goals, but that one is probably my favorite goal that I’ve seen so far in his career. That fake kick before the score is unreal.

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