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24 comments on “Lionel Messi ● All 22 Goals for Argentina

  1. But he rarely or never meet sucky oppenents like Malta, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, San Marino etc. There are no teams in south America that suck so much

  2. One of c ronaldo video on youtube that has million of view is the video where he fell over while doing that stepover lol. Players like Maradona, Baggio, ROnaldinho and Zidane does their trick to high degree efficiency, never for show off.

  3. some gaynaldo fan once told me “when messi does a step over talk to me”. wtf seriously whats so good about a step over all you do is dance around like an idiot without going anywere and any professional player can do step overs, on the other hand messi can dribble 5 players by using his ball control unlike ronaldo who barely dribles 1-2 players with his silly step overs

  4. Also, notice some idiot also think World cup circus is everything… by that point of view lots of legendary player arent even that good. For example, David Villa has 8 while Zidane has only 5. Higuain has scored 4 goals compare to ronaldo 2.

    We should ask ourself, which is more subjective… rating a player within 1 month tournament or within 10-20 years performance.

  5. yea lol ronaldo has scored only against argentina and holland he always had such terrible performances against big teams, he has terrible records against barca,chelsea,liverpool,city,. messi has already trashed madrid,arsenal,bayern,porto,ManU and am comfident that milan will be next on the list

  6. Yes, at U-23 Messi also scored against Brazil, Spain and also Holland yet some clown still think he never gave Argentina thropy. He win gold medal and u-21 world cup.

    Argentina all time top scorer:

    1. Gabriel Batistuta = 56
    2. Hernán Crespo = 35 
    3. Diego Maradona = 34
    4. Luis Artime = 24
    5. Leopoldo Luque, Daniel Pasarella & Lionel Messi = 22

    Messi will take over Crespo & Maradona’s place within 2-3 years

  7. @messithebest10100 forgot to mention portugal and netherlands which didnt show on this video but he scored against netherlands in the 2008 olympics

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