Messi Video Ranking: 4 / five

25 comments on “Lionel Messi ● All Pure Hat-Tricks – No Penalties | HD

  1. The four best players in the world
    1. Messi
    2. Messi injured
    3. Messi blind folded
    4. Messi sleeping

  2. Next video: C Penaldo – All Pure Hat-Tricks – No Penalties, Tap-ins or GK
    errors. Video 5 seconds long 

  3. Although he is getting so much criticism lately but there is no denial that
    we are watching the greatest player ever, I’m Real Madrid fan btw.

  4. Re-upload with his new pure hat-trick becouse the other one was blocked by
    YouTube. Hope you guys like and share the video again!

  5. He will answers to his haters…it looks like we are going to start
    witnessing the best Messi ever. He’s become scary again. Next level scary.

  6. Ronaldo has clearly been the best player of the year. More goals, assists
    and trophies than anyone and i don’t give a fuck if he has scored a lot of
    penalties because he has still played better.

  7. See, the things you guys don’t realize is that it’s not Ronaldo’s fault
    that defenders can’t defend him. If he gets a penalty, he’ll try to score
    it… Like if he was in the box, he probably would’ve scored anyways. Not
    saying it’s guaranteed for him to score, but definitely most likely…

  8. Fuck messi he can only score because of xavi and iniesta and ronaldo
    creates the plays for madrid. Hala madrid!!

  9. Great video mate. Could you do a Messi chip/dink goals? I love ’em. I’m so
    obsessed with replicating it in real life, sadly at the expense of my team
    for the tons of misses.

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