Messi Video Rating: two / five

25 comments on “Lionel Messi ● Best Dives

  1. You have to be the must stupid hater. There you got real faults and just
    like 3 dives, and every soccer player dives. Messi does, but not like
    Neymar or CR7 does. You had to repeat a fall like 3 times to fill spaces. 

  2. There is not only 1 player that doesn’t dive. love or hate him ; MESSI IS

  3. people still saying messi dosent dive. well A BIG FUCK YOU IN your
    shitface. this video shows his diving. and people still think thats not a
    dive. TYPICAL BARCA CUNTS. you guys are a disgrace to human race

  4. Ok so, I won’t say this channel or video are stupid, because I think I’m
    better than the people commenting below me, but I must say, that most of
    the dives in the video are from the time he was younger, and some aren’t
    even dives, the uploader clearly just hates Messi, and shows the fouls and
    stuff he did (most are not dives, but rather him pushing people) so I have
    to say this video is from a Messi and isn’t true to the title 

  5. And it’s like no one in Madrid are assholes, well there’s the raging animal
    pepe , Sergio Ramos the diver and raging animal like pepe , there’s. Modric
    the ugly kid who can’t kick better than a 10 year old , cr7 diver( this
    season he was pretty good he didn’t dive a lot ) he’s cocky an ignorant , I
    can go on all day about Real Madrid shit 

  6. Messi is a better player than Ronaldo. There’s no doubt Ronaldo had a
    better year this year, but you can’t judge a player by one year. 

  7. I’m not huge into soccer or football but I’m assuming Barcelona are like
    the Boston Bruins of soccer. The Boston Bruins are a hockey team in the
    NHL who are known for their diving and by reading the comments their fans
    are about the same. They say they don’t dive when in fact they are the
    biggest divers in the sport. 

  8. stop bitching about diving. it clearly gives an advantage if the ref buys

  9. Bullshit. Everybody has dived on occasions but you must have looked really
    hard coz I’ve never seem him con a penalty or win a crucial free kick in a
    huge match by deceitful means. He’s about honest as any player and if
    anyone has a right to dive, it’s a guy who has his opponents try to kick
    him every week.

  10. i bet if you would did a video of ronaldo diving it would be much longer :)

  11. *Messi falls on the ground because of pain and no one is even near him*

    Do you even know what the definition of diving is? That was simply an
    injury retard…

  12. Hahahah I never seen someone hate barcelona or even messi this much I mean
    while he’s on his way to the finals of the WC where is ronaldo?

  13. Messi has dived… Just face it but mostly when he was younger not so much
    now same with Ronaldo but the one player that NEVER dived is Ronaldinho 

  14. FUck off, i don’t love you so don’t love me back fuckkkk ooffffffff

  15. Someone is oviously ignorant, hater, and cannot see that messi is the best
    the world can offer.

  16. Why so many dislikes? You can see clearly in the video how he dives…

  17. you bitch you have more dislike then likes. dont talk shit about
    Barcelona!!!!! then ur a bitch!!!!!!!!!!

  18. No proper “dive”, just massive faults on him.
    He just avoid to lose his legs that’s it

    At 3.00 for example we can see that the player come in perpendicular makes
    a massive fault. If Messi doesn’t anticipate he can get hurt massively

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