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25 comments on “Lionel Messi ● Dribbling Skills ● 2011-2012 HD

  1. Halfwing1 dude the team that he plays today is gud but most of those players had the best to offer by the end of their latter stages of their careers and yet messi seems to be doing this at a young age

  2. un groso como pocos…el mejor de la actualidad por lejos sin duda.Ahora falta la seleccion Argentina…vamos que se puedeeeeeeeeeee.excelente video

  3. ┏━┓┏━┳━━━┳━━━┳━━━┳━━┓ ┃┃┗┛┃┃┏━━┫┏━┓┃┏━┓┣┫┣┛ ┃┏┓┏┓┃┗━━┫┗━━┫┗━━┓┃┃ ┃┃┃┃┃┃┏━━┻━━┓┣━━┓┃┃┃ ┃┃┃┃┃┃┗━━┫┗━┛┃┗━┛┣┫┣┓ ┗┛┗┛┗┻━━━┻━━━┻━━━┻━━┛

  4. I can only argue the fact that you consider Diego as the best player to ever set foot on the pitch. I know that almost single-handedly delivered a WC to Argentina and has hold of the most beautiful goal ever scored, but still I see Pele as the best player to have played the game.
    Regarding Messi agree, but still there’s something more lacking on Messi: He can play on the dream team Barcelona, still can’t put the selection of Argentina on his shoulders if things go wrong as Pele and Diego could.

  5. why dont you shut ur dirty mouth already dummy ? As i said before..come back and criticize Messi if he fails to live up to your standard at the end of his career..but till then..get lost !!

  6. And yet pele did it 3 times , ronaldo ( the real ronaldo ) did it , Zidane one of the best players ever did it , Maradona who i consider the best player to ever play on the pitch did it.

    What about all those other players? they too had the same conditions messi did but they did not dissappoint , they WON and people consider them all time greats.

    Think about what you are saying before insulting me with baseless arguments.

  7. I can already see where this conversation is heading, U can do nothing but reply with insults and name calling. Looking at your chat history i can see nothing but u arguing with other people in other football videos. Frankly im done with this conversation , all i see is a testerstrone filled 15 year old ready to fight and fling insults at a drop of a hat.

    But hey its the internet i expected no less. You can comment but dont expect a reply.


  8. Sooooo, wtf?? how can you do this on your ps3?? Don’t u need fifa to do these?? and witch Consolle do u have PS1, PS2 Or PS3 ?? U MAD BRO?

  9. last the message gets past your fucking the meantime you can just fucking keep quiet till Messi retires..If he fails to surpass Diego..then you can spend your whole life criticizing Messi..till then shut your dirty mouth

  10. u hve to say surpass in qoutes u think ur special fuck u u talk as if u know everything if i were to place a metaphor about u it wud ur chunk of brain, not even cells, short of being able to make such a argument… so go back educate urself then speak as if u know wat ur saying and can back it up u fuck face its like u argue with the mental capacity of a 14 year old kid…

  11. halfw1ng i think ur one of the most ignorant shit heads on this planet honestly… he will only be the best if he wins a world cup.. a tournament that happens every four years and how much time do you get to play with those team mates properly.. he may play with the best team in the world but how many times has he been the one that wins barcelona their matches like or has made an impact like last years match against muntd

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