Messi Video Score: 5 / 5

25 comments on “Lionel Messi ● South Africa 2010 ● ||HD||

  1. Fuck what every1sez messi and Argentina ad a great world cup sure messi didn’t score buthemade so many of the goals happen and Argentina lost only 1 game next time around messi will be much more prepared as a player and hopefully we don’t have a coach like this ever again….

  2. should play him with aguerro and di maria and mascherano behind him,di maria has an incredible assist rate so dont see hwy he cant provide those passes for messi? also he is used to mascherano from barca they need to have messi centre up top and build team around him.

  3. he’s a much more dangerous player now than he was 2 years ago because of his ability to play multiple forward positions

    in 2010, he was just learning how to play more centrally, wasn’t quite there yet

  4. Legend Messi just needs 1 player to support him and he will create wonders with national team though we miss riquelme, wished dani alves was an Argentinian ;))

  5. It was not offside because he was standing behind the goalkeeper, it was offside because he was standing behind the last defender (player), but the ref didnt see it

  6. lets see..Argentina played with 4 defender, 1 DM (Mascherano), 2 Winger (Di Maria in left–Maxi Rodriguez in right), 1 Trequartista (Messi) and 2 Striker (Tevez-Higuain)..4-1-2-1-2/4-1-2-3…to offensive,,no balance,,and no defensive leader..well Maradonna was a Genius player,but not to Genius with strategy n formation..maybe he thing this was World Cup in 90’s era..hahaha

  7. its surprising he didnt score any goals, it was only bad luck
    compared to maradona he has and will have more pressure on his shoulders, and players already know he is the best player in the world, i dont think the world cosidered maradona the best in the world before he won the WC so he didnt have that kind of pressure or players aware of how to and how many to cover him

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