Messi Video clip Rating: four / five

25 comments on “Lionel Messi ★ 2010 ★ Simply The Best – Dribbles, Skills, and Goals

  1. I am a Real Madrid fan, yeah, and I’ll always be, but MESSI IS THE BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME.

    I don’t care if he plays in FCB, I’m glad to live in this era to see he play.

  2. No, not true. Messi 2010 was better in dribbling, was faster and made ​​more great goals, and had much more agility. Messi today does not do much that was old, that is bad in my opinion. I prefer Messi 2010.

  3. @Sircraig050
    its enough when you think about Maradona while you see Messi 😉
    did you think about Maradona when you see a nother Player??
    get it?

  4. Its not that Messi is the best….he is actually playing a different game to Ronaldo and everyone. Not sice Best and Cruyff have we seen real fantasista dribbling like he does every game. he is not better tan Ronaldo….he is playing a different game and comparison is silly. Messi is a maestro, a Mozart, a leonardo.

  5. I like how Messi doesn’t have an ego from New York to Tokyo. No dought that Messi is the best player in the world, C Ronaldo is just a selfish childish fag. Messi just dribbles with a huge ball control.

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