Messi Video Rating: four / 5

24 comments on “Lionel Messi ☆ Dirty Tackles | HD

  1. You are retarded. Flawless makes videos he wants to make. He even made a video that kinda makes fun of cristiano Ronaldo Falling down because he lost his footing. CR7 fanboy? You sir have failed.

  2. a true lover of the beautiful game sees beyond partisan loyalties. this is an appalling video, making a ludicrous accusation of the man who will very shortly be recognized as the greatest player of all time. i love ronaldo too, but my friend this is a video showing mostly desperate blancos viciously fouling messi. you display only your delusional perception here.

  3. How fu*king retarded can u guys be? See what Gay Ass madridistas have to resort to because they can’t handle Messi? It’s fu*king football not rugby! It’s sad how they hate the best player in the world! Hahaha

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