Messi Video Score: four / five

24 comments on “Lionel Messi-1st player with 5 goals in Champions League

  1. that is all very noble and true. but it is ALSO true that a) defenders were tecnicaly lousy b) most teams did not play with 4 defenders c) goalkeepers were so bad compared to today d) he scored a good portion of his goals against teams from sao paulo region e) as prooved 4 years later the brazilian team didn’t need him to win the WC 62.
    don’t believe what i say about tactic/skills of defenders and goalkeepers back then, just look at the number of goals it was usual to have in a game.

  2. Pele is still the youngest player to ever win the world cup at 17 yrs old. He’s still the only player associted with football in every corner of the globe.

    No one has seen him play all of his matches. He dealt with worse pitches than maradonna, as well as defenders with very bad intentions, plus he had to deal in a time where there was still vicious racism.

    He handled himself with dignity and integrity. That pushes him over the edge.

  3. dont fucking call indian filthy u cunt!!! U illiterate cunt u cant compare two different sports!!! dhoni is the fucking one who took india to world cup victory so shut the fuck up!!! messi just fucking runs with the ball, the best player in history is ronaldinho!!!

  4. plus, he took it before he was a professional, so you’re argument is pretty retarded. Doping is still illegal in football, you obviously have never heard of Adrian Mutu

  5. …*sigh* you do know EVERY human on this planet has HGH in their body right? The only reason Messi had to take it was because his body wasn’t producing it…

  6. hahahahaha look again with your first comment and everyone would say the same..complete idiots and moron..beside i didnt say Messi is the best ever..dont blaime Messi coz he played with the best team in the world when he was 13…barcelona is good team,,but with Messi Barca claim the world…he’s the best bcoz his talent..and the world admit it..

  7. You guys are all forgetting Messi took HGH, if he was in any other sport, he would never be allowed to play. And for all you twits that think differently I dare you to argue. HGH is banned from almost every sport, even if it is legal, its been abused.

  8. And did I say I was a Ronaldo fan? Did I say Ronaldo is the best ever, or this best in this decade? No. Only children who don’t know how to read like yourself, and the other twats here do. The best is between Ronaldo and Messi, in this ERA. Not one of them won a world, so I will never utter “best ever” or “best now” in both their likeness. And your comment is absolutely ridiculous. Saying he scored 6 goals in a match means he is the best is a pathetic argument.

  9.’re absolutely hilarious…

    My comment couldn’t have been that pathetic, seemed to make you laugh. Sure Messi is great, but you can’t start saying he’s the best ever, its stupid, much like the rest of the people here. When he wins a world then ill say he’s the best of this era, everyone knows its between him and Ronaldo in this day and age, for people to say otherwise, like you, and some of the other lowlifes on this comment page, are complete idiots.

  10. LOL first of all I have no idea what your saying. Are you saying he won a world cup at 20 years old? Are you retarded, he never won a world cup. Or are you seriously going to count a U20 match, that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  11. Shut up, messi is the best player actually in the world, he is the topscorer of his team, the top goalscorer in a single match in uefa champions league, he won a world cup with argentina with 19/20 years, he doent need xavi and inista to score, these are just stupidities cr7 fans say just because they are jealous, they know MESSI is the best so they only talk shit..

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