Messi Video clip Score: four / 5

23 comments on “Lionel Messi 2012 – Dedicated to Leo [HD]

  1. lol, hellooooo, soccer its a team game, go watch golf if u wanna see a single player sport… C7 its a better boxer model and nothing more, 😉 Messi = Best player ever!

  2. ojala fuera como messi mi sueño es llegar a 1º jajajajjaja esque mesi es de otro planeta es imposible lo que hace pero ojala yo llegara a jugar con el

  3. ┏━┓┏━┳━━━┳━━━┳━━━┳━━┓

  4. Yo vi jugar a Maradona y a Messi.. los dos grandes totales.. Mradona un lider (algo que Messi no es).. pero Messi es mas jugador que Diego… .. Messi como dijo este periodista.. es diego todos los dias!!!… GRANDE PULGA.

  5. i am 37 years old,also married,i like football since i was 12,but i have never said i love certain player but now i do,i love you messi!!.you’re a genius,you’re fabulous.i had lost the taste of this game,but since messi has appeared,i’ve got it again.thank you messi!!

  6. r u crazy.. u wnna go to helll,, fine so be it but dont take others on the wrong… btw God is the one who created messi!!never bring God in unnecessary conversations

  7. his left foot is the foot of god!! best left leg in the history of football He can do anything and everything with that foot!!! love watching him and great video!

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