Messi Video Rating: four / 5

23 comments on “Lionel Messi 2012 – The Master of Dribbling | Part l HD

  1. you name it “Messi 2012”? You have loads of old footage in there too. Whatever, I still have to press on like, cause you did a great job

  2. The thing i love about messi is that he is so humble and just genuinely loves the game. He is what the sport is about. great role model for young players. Sad that Pele thinks so lowly of him. 5 year old messi is 100x better than neymar

  3. Dude don’t worry you are not the only one who thinks that. Argentina will win world cup 2014 and Messi will give a reply to Pele’s big mouth. Did you see in Copa America how Brazil missed all the penalties. OMG I never thought Brazil would suck that much. No offense but Argentina will overcome their weakness.

  4. 😉 maybe. I´m a huge Messi fan and I really hope he is the best. He´s my favorite player. Pele has maybe better stats in National team, but Messi will surpass him when he wins WorldCup. Messi is also more skill than Pele. Visca Messi!

  5. Im a huge Ronaldo fan but there’s not a doubt in mind that Messi is an amazing dribbler if not the best 🙂 I still don’t understand why there has to be hate towards either of these players both of them are great and its sad considering how good they are, each have their own things that make them special and unique 😀 Only REAL football fans can enjoy both of them instead of hating on one like a bunch of ignorant fools, calling Ronaldo gay is pathetic and saying Messi is a short midget ect… <3

  6. So that run against Nigeria is one of the most breath taking runs ive ever seen and YOU CUT IT??? im sorry but that just ruins the otherwise great video… ugh
    Magnificent rest of the video though…
    But seriously, you do such a good job with no effects and no cutting, and cut THAT ONE? what were you thinking…

  7. good video but the special effects took away so much from how good some of the moves really were like the run from 2:14-2:20. that was against viktoria plzen. the effects made it look like nothing special when in my opinion, it was the greatest move i have ever seen from messi and the greatest goal he didnt quite score. i mean i watch messi every game and when i saw that i literally didnt understand how he did it until slow motion replays

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