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25 comments on “Lionel Messi – ALL 234 Goals for Barcelona in 12 Minutes [HD]

  1. said OLAAAAAAAYYYY!! everytime he chipped or did the keeper. started to hurt my throat.

    Also if this was Ronaldo they’d have all been stuttered penalties.

  2. Ronaldo is a pussy. If you poke him with a feather he would collapse in tears. Messi is so agile and small you wouldn’t be able to get him with the feather. Even if he did go down he wouldn’t spend the next five minutes moaning to the ref about the fact that he gets paid way too much just to go out on a patch of elaborate grass and kick a football around. The point is that people make a big fuss over who is better but the best wins all of the time and I don’t see anybody doing that.

  3. The innocent children of Africa, their childhoods stolen, ripped from the arms of their crying parents. Soon unable to defend themselves they must learn to shoot, whilst a baying mob of savages cheer them on. Most will never learn to read or write, there are no medals for these brave lost causes, no victory, no respite. We must make the world aware, we must not turn our back….


  4. This doesn’t have to turn into some big argument over whos better they are both outstanding players the best for a long time I’m a ronaldo fan personally but I admit messi is better. All the fags don’t have to get angry because someone said that they’re favourite wasnt there favourite

  5. Messi would win hands down mainly because of is work rate compared to Ronaldo, all Ronaldo can do is attack and if he loses the ball he just walks back instead of helping his team get the ball back after his mistake.

  6. hahahahahaa. mate, as i said defenders are alot rougher in england. he wouldnt last a season. i think football isnt for you either mate. lets just all start watching F1

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