Messi Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 comments on “Lionel Messi | Best Chips and Lobs – HD

  1. i never see either messi shooting from 36 yards, dont argue they’re both great players that do different things and have a completely different style of play

  2. Wow so glad this video was posted because Messi chips a lot and I’ve never found another video devoted to just his chip goals so thank you

  3. This is amazing. The lob against Real Madrid, with Ronaldo sliding on his knees behind him, is quite a nice metaphor about those two….

  4. The Playstation Kid has perfected his toy this season. Bad luck for goalies, even after they stand up big on him. I wonder, with one defender of each opposing team already running directly to the goal line in anticipation of the lob/chip, will someone, one day, actually manage to stop one of his lobs at goal?

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