Messi Video Ranking: 4 / 5

24 comments on “Lionel Messi – Fantastic Goal – Sevilla 0-2 Barcelona – 17/3/12

  1. I support Utd but I’d sort of hate to see Messi in the Premier League. Obviously he’s fucking amazing and he’d bamboozle defenders in England just as he does everywhere else. But the one thing Messi hasn’t got on his side is physique and honestly there’d be a far greater risk of him sustaining a bad injury from one of the reckless, tough tackles that the English drool over.

    He’s right where he should be, at a club and in a league that best showcases his amazing abilities.

  2. spot on imagine him against wigan or wolves ,he has scored against every top side in europe 4 goals against arsenal in one game ,people never say about giggs staying at one club but all of a sudden messi has to go and play for a team not as good as the one he is now ,to prove what we already know ,that he is the best ever

  3. There is nothing special about the EPL, the people who hype it up are usually English.
    There is only one English side left in the Champions League, and Bilbao put United out of the Europa League and they are only a mid-table team in La Liga.
    Do you really think Messi couldn’t perform well against a mid-table side in the EPL?

  4. All of you who thinks messi isn’t the best player, is a damn stupid guy who knows nothing about football. Even ronaldo doesn’t make such goals as messi does. Oh and you can not blame messi on his international debuts because it’s not his fault to be born in Argetina, if he was born in Holland, Germany or Spain every fucking asshole would say oh now he’s the best!! Use your brain oh and those who hasn’t follow those people who say good things about messi because he worths it!

  5. Well,in my opinion he is not most complete player in the world but he doesnt need that to be the best player of the professional football today.Elements in which he is good at, are important ones and in those elements like shoot precission,ball control on ground and air and dribbling which is affected by amount of ball control on ground he is by far better then others.He also has this specific ability to easily change directions at high pace when he has ball in control.

  6. @flyboy39, to see what? Win a world cup? Listen you silly shift working mug…..He does not need to do anything…..3 times in a row player of the year….it’s pricks like you who read other pricks in the papers who say he needs to do something on the international scene…..let me tell you prick……he don’t need to do anything…..finally one bit of advice for you, don’t go by what other pricks say….man up and make your own decisions……shift working cunt, now do me a favour and fuck off

  7. Watch these two vids
    Pepe animal
    Ronaldo diving queen
    Changed my mind about real madrid
    They are a filthy club and if i were in that team i would kill ma self

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