Messi Video Rating: four / five

24 comments on “Lionel Messi – From an Ordinary Boy to a Legend | The Official Movie 2012 ||HD|| By Vahan Jan

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  2. Messi is at a lvl that has not been seen sense diego maradona. If he keeps imporving we will never see anybody surpass him . Visca barca visca messi visca

  3. I cant believe that people still compare c ronaldo vs messi… And tomorrow when there is no messi they will be like yes I watched messi, the best in history, play and spread his magic on the pitch. Enjoy messi bc this talent appears once in a life time.

  4. U call that World Player of the Year??? Without xavi and iniesta u think messi can be the World Player of the Year. Messi just score two PENALTY and the news are talking about him as if he is the GOD. Look at Cristiano Ronaldo two brilliant goal by him and the news just ignore his brilliance. All I can say is FIFA AND UEFA are just conspiracy. They portrait a image of Messi as God. Wait and see Ronaldo will prove his ability

  5. I always look forward to every Barcelona match I can watch because this guy is just amazing. I’ve heard my parents talking about legends like Pepe and now I can witness one myself.

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