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23 comments on “Lionel Messi – Just Brilliant | 2012 HD (234 Goals Barca Record)

  1. All the Great clubs have his supreme legends, have his golden age.
    The Messi era will be the golden age for Barça…

    The main difference between the Barça era and those of other clubs is that the Barça era occurs in the 21st century.

    Most of the people can watch the Barça of Messi if want….

    in HD also…

    And can speak about the Barça of Messi in twitter…

    U not like the Barça???

    Sorry for u…

  2. Yes? The Barça won 21 spanish league Titles, 4 Champions League, 4 Cup Winners´ Cup , 25 spanish Cups etc……

    all in 8 years?????


    I didnt know this was possible.

    Where play Rivaldo? and Ronaldo Nazario? and Romario? and Laudrup? and Koeman? and Cruyff? and Kubala?…..

    What was the real madrid before Di Stefano?
    What was the Bayern Munich before Beckenbauer and Gerd Müller?
    What was the Ajax before Johan Cruyff?
    What was the ManU before Bobby Charlton?


  3. did i say so dumbass? i said experts are comparing him even to the best ever. also wtf has that even to do with gloryhunting stupid troll, im barca fan since always.

  4. just like every barca fan just another glory hunter messi is not the best and never will be the best u just cant accept the truth zidane is like 10000 times better than him

  5. i know you will ignore this..
    but im a young video maker.. this is my secound video about messi..
    pls watc it and comment

    every view will make me happier. thanks <3

  6. bro are you a dumb fuck the reason barca lost to inter is because in the first away leg ibra just kept missing chances same thing happened in the second leg mou decided to just mark out messi. as for world cup who cares its an intercontinental event so what its every 4 years which is just stupid. champions league is more difficult the level of the game is more difficult. all his assists are intentional so stfu. Sneijder is shit he can’t play without playing counterattacking football

  7. YES..they put him in their TRASH BIN !! He didnt want to leave but they kicked him was crying about it for a long time..cry baby…Real Madrid TRASH will NEVER win Ballon Dor let alone Real Madrid Prince Gaynaldo !! So faggot..whether you like it or will see the Great Messi lifting up many more Ballon Dor while your overrated fuck Sneider dreaming of one..U still havent answer my questing(do u know how 2 read ? )..When did Sneider retire ? I havent heard from him since 1905

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