Messi Movie Rating: four / five

25 comments on “Lionel Messi – Legendary Dribbling Skills – HD

  1. Who ever made this video increased the speed so it looks like everyone has
    a rocket up their ass and remember Messi plays in Spain’s La Liga were
    defenses are weak, slow, and just plain sorry. It’s not unusual for the
    games in La Liga to end with scores like 8 x 0 or 10 x 1 in favor of Real
    Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and other Spanish top teams. You don’t
    see Mensi doing that in Copa America or World Cup games, do you?

  2. great. however dudes you should not forget the fact that messi became this
    good because he was short. you can’t do this kindo f things if you are too
    tall. just doesn’t work.

  3. OH YEAH! Messi’s been on a pink soccer team……just like me…… ; (.
    Win loose situation.

  4. I will definitely say to my grandchildren that he was a Legend. I’m glad
    that I’ve been seeing his career.

  5. We need him back at this vibrant self. he needs to be back at this level

  6. I really like this video. Unlike other highlight videos, it doesn’t have
    all that special efffects and slow motion crap, which keeps you from
    actually seeing the dribbling skills. Good job, realbinan

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