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24 comments on “Lionel Messi never dives – Ultimate Compilation | HD

  1. Yea I tried to explain this to some people but i was branded as being bias. Lol so now I just say “Yeah Busquets dives and so does Alves. They should be ashamed! On the other hand, the likes of Di Maria, Marcelo, Pepe and Ronaldo ‘slip-n-fall’ with no contact whats so ever.”

  2. Busquets doesn’t dives, he fakes, which is very different (Diving is madre for penalties, lost balls and free kicks, faking is for time wasting and sent offs)

  3. Here you see it’s not just his amazing quick feet and brilliant technique, but it’s also power and never giving up! This guy is really inspiring.

  4. It’s funny to see how some players who have made a foul on Messi are looking ad the referee when Messi keeps running. It’s almost like they would ask the ref or it’s alowed to go on after their foul.

  5. actually , it’s more likely fighting the rules !!
    cause all of these were fouls ,, but he keeps playing !!
    on the other hand ,, some players does the
    opposite , and think they’re better than Messi !! LoL

  6. i’ll change my phrasing.. Buequets and Alves tend to overreact sometimes, and i’m still a Barca fan. Not that i hate them (they’re both the world best in their position) but sometimes i do feel they are overreacting about a foul. No offense though.

  7. Si te postran diez veces, te levantas otras diez, otras cien, otras quinientas: no han de ser tus caídas tan violentas ni tampoco, por ley, han de ser tantas. Con el hambre genial con que las plantas asimilan el humus avarientas, deglutiendo el rencor de las afrentas se formaron los santos y las santas. Obcecación asnal, para ser fuerte, nada más necesita la criatura, y en cualquier infeliz se me figura que se mellan los garfios de la suerte…

  8. No te des por vencido, ni aun vencido, no te sientas esclavo, ni aun esclavo; trémulo de pavor, piénsate bravo, y arremete feroz, ya mal herido. Ten el tesón del clavo enmohecido que ya viejo y ruin, vuelve a ser clavo; no la cobarde intrepidez del pavo que amaina su plumaje al menor ruido. Procede como Dios que nunca llora; o como Lucifer, que nunca reza; o como el robledal, cuya grandeza necesita del agua y no la implora… Que muerda y vocifere vengadora, ya rodando en el polvo tu cabeza!

  9. a small guy with a lot of strength… and never dives like Ronaldo does! But i hafta admit Alves and Busqeuts does dive a lot… but still Barca is the best!

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