Messi Video clip Rating: four / 5

25 comments on “Lionel Messi | The Panna Monster – HD

  1. Best Player ? YES !! Most complete ? I dont agree with you..Ronaldo have too feet ..Great header..Strenght .Top Speed ..Long Shot ..Messi is a genius finishing , dribbling and Team working but only have 1 foot ..about panna’s yeah Messi is incredible but dont forget he have more phisical atributes to do it…Messi probably can Panna his self and not only the ball …XD But ok i dont like this wars about them 2..i love them both..And im happy that both exist.:P Fuck the haters and hugs to lovers

  2. No, but he is supposely the best player and the most complete player, cristiano ronaldo fans argue that he has tricks and a lot of shit, but he can barely do 1 panna, all he does is pass players with speed and shoot, he cant score free kicks, has like 10 penalty goals and a lot of tap in goals, he barely has assists and he is overrated

  3. He’s done twice a panna on Lampard and one on Makelele and Essien and Cannavaro each, too. Ha pannas almost everybody. Too bad those on Lampard aren’t in this clip because one of them is freaking hilarious.

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