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23 comments on “Lionel Messi – The Story (1987-2012) – HD

  1. dude i admire messi but i don’t like him. dude people aren’t born that way the just make them self good. practice make perfect.
    I used to suck in football but now i play for ac milan youth acdamey.

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  3. yeah whatewer u cant even write correctly and u think people will believe ur lies? why do u think ronaldinho has left barca? wasnt good enough.only 3 years was very good but when he scored 53 goals in 1 season + 24 asiist?hehe oh yeah messi is much better.

  4. had to pause the vid, click on full screen and give the vid an instant like just because of the song, what a tune!!!! watch the original video for it too, its incredible, its called woodkid by iron (Y)

  5. Is somebody upset because Ronaldo doesn’t have the spotlight? Messi had always had something special, why do you think Barcelona signed him so young?

  6. not true

    ronaldinho at his time was a fantastic dribbeler with unique skils
    messi is still 10 lvls above it cause hes gonna last longer

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