Messi Video clip Score: four / five

22 comments on “Lionel Messi – Ultimate Skills Video | HD

  1. The difference between Messi and Ronaldo? The former uses his brain, the latter is lacking one… Messi plays naturally and is usefull, Ronaldo only knows tricks, and just wants the wows from the crowds…

  2. no bro i like him bt it now over becozzz im in FB they did some jokes to cristiano & kaka like funny pictures . my favourite players are kaka & cristiano.i don’t like messi now

  3. i love u messi ur the best in this fuckin world ther will never be a player like u i love barcelona 2 i love u messi man ronaldo wishes dat he was like u man ther is only 1 messi and always will be 1 messi
    love u

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