Messi Video Rating: four / 5

24 comments on “Lionel Messi vs Atletico Madrid (A) 11-12 HD 720p by LionelMessi10i [Cropped]

  1. I hope he continues to have 40-50+ goal seasons until he’s atleast 28-29. After that, if he slows down, it’ll be completely normal. Until then, I wanna see stellar Messi!!!!

  2. I really appreciate that in all of your videos you include times where he gets the ball and makes a mistake rather than only showing his good plays. It really lets you get a sense of how he develops throughout each game. No doubt you have the best messi highlight videos on youtube. No doubt.

  3. Its opinion..he has won three balon d’or’s and he will win not the one with the grammar issues..maybe you need to get back to school 😉

  4. uumm messi scored a hat rick for argentina you idiot like last week against switzerland, your just a follower and says the same thing every other messi hater says, go praise CR you queer

  5. one of the best freekicks i have ever seen…and what a time for it to come….when your team needs you the most…..truly..messi magic…;D

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