Messi Video clip Score: four / five

22 comments on “Lionel Messi vs Bayer Leverkusen (A) 11-12 HD 720p by LionelMessi10i [Cropped]

  1. No sabes lo que dices. Que idiota eres. Si yo fuera tu me suicidaría. Eso que dices es una aberración. En lo que concierne a Alemania, ellos no pudieron hacer nada contra españa.

  2. Really did He…. ?No one can denay his tallents an offcourse every one has his own rights for openion n i’ll remember on that in future! Watch more games…….mate…GG!

  3. Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern, Milan and Arsenal are also weak teams I guess? Btw, Leverkusen defeated Bayern Munch a few days before they got humiliated by Messi.

  4. Messi made a good show against a weak team.
    But wait until the World Cup 2014 Brasilia and he will fail against Germany again…
    as Argentinia always used to do.
    He will always fail during World Cups… Just remember my words in the future!

  5. Sorry I’ve seen Maradona play and Messi play. There is nothing that Maradona can do that Messi can’t do either. And Messi is playing in an era of better players and opposition.

    Hands down the G.O.A.T . Anyone who thinks different is kidding themselves.

  6. well until his much talked about transfer from barca to raith rovers happens there wont be much of a chance to tell. But then again its a silly argument as of course you play only as well as the sum of your parts in football. Its just that Messi is a particularly big part in what is a particularly large sum.

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