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  1. Messi is such a brilliant player, and its such a shame that Argentina cant pull it together. I hope they´╗┐ put in Bianchi as coach, and soon. Argentina still doesn’t know how to play as a solid team, but with Bianchi I believe that can change.

  2. I couldnt agree more dude! It’s gonna be the last straw if they give that trophy to´╗┐ messi again. Objectivity is not their strong suit then

  3. there is tottally no understanding between leo messi and other argentinian internationals tottally zero i mean how is it impossible to´╗┐ read his game he makes it so easy

  4. fuck its not messi’s fault that argentina did not win, he was doing so good but shitty players like tevez and lavezzi and even higuain could not score goals which messi put´╗┐ the on a position where they could easily have scored instead they just wasted all those chances.
    Fuck you lavezzi and tevez

  5. ballon d’or its not given to player won the champions
    its given to a player play´╗┐ well with teamwork,passing.assist goals,and everythin he do it on the ground :))

  6. (2/2) we’v seen over the years that ballon’d’or is given to´╗┐ a player who has helped his team to win a major trophy rather rather on the basis of individual brilliance! in 2006 – fabio cannavaro (world cup)
    2007- kaka (champions league)
    2008 – ronaldo (champions league)
    2009 – messi (champions league)
    2010 shud’v been SNIEJDER not messi!! (world cup final, serie A, Italian cup, Champions league) so if RONALDO is overratted, SO IS MESSI!!

  7. @everydaystickumore (1/2) ronaldo is not winning any awards only because´╗┐ his team real madrid is unable to win any major trophies..! and regarding messi, i think morinho was right in pointing out that there is some favour for barca from uefa and fifa.. because last years ballon’d’or winner was messi but he shudnt have been! Even the most ardent messi nd barca fans have to admit that WESLEY SNIEJDER was more deserving than messi to win ballon’d’or 2010!

  8. That most certainly was NOT the year he was at his peak. He is arguably at his peak in this current for of his. 42 goals in the 2007-2008 season and 53 goals in´╗┐ the 2010-2012 season overshadow his season debut

  9. Really? it means everybody can play with C.Ronaldo. Even you can join Real Madrid, he can supporting striker, and attacking midfielder? It also means Real Madrid should spend money on you instead of Ozil and Di Maria.´╗┐ C.Ronaldo is pathetic who got 3 votes in European Best Player award, it shows he is overrated. If everybody think he is good enough, why he didn’t get that award

  10. o for brazil in the copa America? Nothing. He failed to replicate his form at Barcelona as well. He got benched, and maicon gave´╗┐ a MOTM performance that next game. Barcelona makes all these guys shine, brings out their best. Messi just looks lost out there. I’ll give you that he’s good, great even but an all time best? No way. Not the way he flops on the national team.

  11. Some people just´╗┐ can’t accept messi is AVERAGE with Argentina. The media hypes him up so much, it’s a lot of expectations on a 24 yr old. Listen here, Xavi and Iniesta don’t exactly assist messi left and right, but the dominate the midfield. Barcas possession is what makes messi shine. When you have 70% possession, that means more time to makes plays and score. The entire BARCELONA team makes everyone better, look at freaking busquets. He’s garbage but looks good. Member dani alves? What’d he d

  12. @ghost41510 that was probably one of the best comments I have ever seen on YouTube and it completely proves his greatness and his skill´╗┐ on either Argentina or Barcelona. Thank you.

  13. Lavezzi, Tevez and Higuain SUCK! Argentina should have let more midfielders play and let Messi play in the front with AGUERO. He is the only player´╗┐ who knows how to play as a team in the front.

  14. Dude i totally agree, big fan of Messi. I just wanted to let you know its not Columbia, its Colombia. Not trying to´╗┐ offend you, i only say that with the best intentions.

  15. How can a player who is used to playing in one way, adapt to another way and play to´╗┐ a system and players he is unfamiliar with in such a short space of time? I am against it.”

  16. With out Zidane? Sorry no´╗┐ way mate. Don’t you remember world cup 2002? France depended on Zidane so much that it looked like a one man team.

  17. Messi is 24 so he isn’t a youngster anymore. And it’s fair to compare with him great players because he himself is a great player, but he just hasn’t carried his form to international level yet. BTW the Juve and France team that Zidane played for are two of the greatest teams in the history of football, dare I say´╗┐ they could of still won trophies without him.

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