Messi Video Score: four / five

24 comments on “Lionel Messi vs Diego Maradona

  1. El MERITO es ganarle a un equipo que es superior al propio. Ahi se demuestra el coraje, ahi se resalta lo heroíco. Desde barcelona, forma parte del MEJOR equipo, por lejos, donde gana por goleada TODOS los partidos, entonces DESDE AHI SOBRESALE. Fuera de ese engranaje perfecto, trastabilla. Messi, en otro contexto, en otro equipo, hace 20 goles por torneo, no 40. Por eso en la seleccion JAMAS va a poder rendir igual, porque hay más paridad, incluso hay MEJORES equipos que argentina.

  2. Without Maradona, Argentina had a hard time to qualify for world cup. Without Pele, Brazil can win the World cup. Last world cup, Messi was just a ordinary player(except against Mexico).He can play good, only the team support him. Otherwise he is just a ordinary player. Puto Messi.

  3. Es una broma? Maradona era capaz de ganar partidos solo. Messi si no esta en Barcelona es solo un jugador muy bueno mas. Maradona es un genio.

  4. Boo MAROBOOBA Barcelona I don’t know how I could say that because my favorite world cup team is Argentina and my favorite team if Barcelona 🙁 🙂

  5. Its always difficult to compare two players from two era’s like this, but Messi is just THAT good that I really don’t think it matters when or where. I believe this is the same as Diego Maradona, I think that today he’d still be one of the, if not the greatest player in the World. It’s his off the pitch problems that would see him struggle in today’s footballing climate. If we look at football ability alone, I find it very hard to choose, but as for handling themselves and the public Messi wins.

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