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  1. on a programme by itv called lionel messi best in the world,watch it my friend! oh and actually maradonna is classed as the best ever,he won 53% of votes above 2nd place pele but fifa made them share player of century award,yea know your right their all wrong and your right hahahaha thing is knowbody knws you or cares about you but they do them also watch the programme where r9 says messi is the best in the world too,58 goals 22 assits and counting so far hahahaha 🙂

  2. Funny that. I thought pele said messi doesnt compare to him till he does something at international level lol Maradonna has never been considered the best and is argentinian so would say that. Zidane obvs isnt that smart headbutting someone in the world cup. And I dont know where you got r9 said that from. All people you mentioned after that are managers or pundits who see highlights, and all highlights of barca games make messi look amazing.

  3. you should have a word with pele,maradonna,zidane,r9 who said hes the best in the world and also wenger,rooney,souness,ghullit,owen and linekar who said hes the best EVER…clearly you know what your talking about and they dont obviously

  4. guess were just have to stick to him raping english teams in the champions league,8 in his last 6,hope more make it passed the group stage next year!

  5. The only thing Ronaldo did that world cup was dive.It was pathetic to see how many times he rolled around on the floor like he got shot. especially vs France. His team had great players like Figo and deco. Now that those players arent there, Ronaldo doesnt perform for Portugal. He is only now a good goal scorer but he cant dribble 3-4 players and give perfect assists like Messi does.

  6. No it just shows a league that still plays football as a contact sport. Having said that, the english league hasnt got that much quality at the moment.Due to shit clubs like stoke and bolton dumbing down the game and being over reckless in tackles. 

  7. I agree, hHe’s done absolutly nothing special with Portugal. Did you see the world cup? He literally didn’t touch the ball once against Brazil, Ivory Coast or Spain. Laughable. Messi is involved in EVERYTHING argentina does.

  8. Just because he hasnt won anything doesnt mean he never proved himself. He put england out of the world cup for starters. And the fact that the only comment i got saying how messi has proved himself is when he got a hatrick against switzerland… SWITZERLAND, shows that he hasnt. Messi is good, overprotected and has the best supply in the world. So, yeh, he would look good wouldnt he.


    Can anyone please send me a link on where to get that base layer from (8:14, the one Messi wears) I can’t find one where the turtle neck is plain. CHEERS!

  10. Haha and people say Messi can’t use his head. He’s scored a good amount now with his head. Even Pele said Messi wasn’t a good enough player because he couldn’t use his head. Dumb ass 😛

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