Messi Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

24 comments on “Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid (H) 11-12 HD 720p by LionelMessi10i CdR [Cropped]

  1. Its coentrao, and he sucks so badly. He’s been that agressive even when he was playing in portuguese league, because there’s no other way that he can stop the players, both messi and hulk(fc porto), maybe because he started playing for benfica and became such a moron and pepe-style, like all his teams, benfica and madrid.

  2. para todos los putos malparidos que dicen que messi se llevo a kaka , kaka venia desde atras osea que fue mas rapido que messi y yo no vi ni que lo recortara ni nada haci que cierren el ocico barcelonistaas malparidos brw messi fue mierda en este juego

  3. He’s a striker, he still has his own role to perform. Besides, when you’re as skilled as Messi is, meaning that whenever he’s on the ball the whole opposing defense shifts in his direction, I’m sure Guardiola allows him some creative liberties.

  4. Same Here.I give respect to cr7 hes beast but ima messi and barca fan.But i really dnt like how real madrid play against barca either

  5. Guys(Barca&Messi) lets give some props to CR7 cuz he work so hard not to be a failure… Ima barca and messi fan and i still respect CR7 for what he does for Real madrid but i dont respect real madrid the way they play…

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