Messi Video Score: four / five

23 comments on “Lionel Messi vs Santos (N) 11-12 by LionelMessi10i

  1. how can people still debate on this bullshit? neymar is a huge talent, of the “one in x years” bracket.. he already controls the ball better than most players, and he is only going to become better if he chooses his destination wisely. that said, messi’s on a different fucking planet, it does not matter if you like him, you can only acknowledge it or act like you’re blind. the touch right before he scores the last goal is simply orgasmic, even though its nothing fancy about it, just pure skill.

  2. I love the wink he gives at 0:30. It practically says…..”Dont worry, I got this, a severe raping will be unleashed”. Truly the greatest that ever did it….astonishing footballer

  3. well I have to agree and disagree in some parts. I agree that messi is the best now and neymar is nowhere near as good as him. But the part where you said “He’s a once every 50 years type of player” so you never heard of the big legends like Zinedine Zidane, ronaldo luís nazário de lima, Ronaldinho, the amazing free kickers and brazil legends Roberto Carlos, Juninho etc…

  4. Neymar should learn how to make a good finishing touch, the first goal of messi become an example. Neymar also have to learn how to do a good passing, throught pass measurable as messi do, and more.

  5. I don’t know why everyone’s surprised Barca destroyed them, its fucking obvious they were going to get thrashed. Just because Neymar plays for Santos doesn’t mean they are a good team, they’re pretty average tbh and would get beaten by any La Liga and BPL team. I’m not a fan of Barca btw.

  6. 7:24, i love pedro so much, he doesnt get jealous that he doesnt get as much playing time anymore, he understands that he needs to work harder than the others for it. Amazing player

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