Messi Video Score: four / five

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  1. Pretty similar to the Arsenal game. Messi scores four against the team playing in white at the Camp Nou with whom they drew in their last meeting. Messi is on top form and creates many chances and great shots.
    The first is a stroke of brilliance. Both games. The second is a through ball to Abidal, his cross and then hitting the recovered ball into the back of the net.Both games. The fourth goal vs Arsenal was the third goal vs Valencia. And the third vs Valencia the fourth vs Arsenal.

  2. i’m hearing all the top players in the world saying Messi is the greatest ever, most recent comments by Mario Gomez and John Terry.

  3. lets see if Ronaldo can show up in the Bayern Munich game, that’s a big if..if Madrid do go through which i think it will be Bayern, the most likely game changer will be Kaka…

  4. Disco Fries feat. Niles Mason – Born To Fly (Disco Fries Liftoff! Remix)
    Chizzo & Maxim feat. Amanda Wilson – Runaway (G&G vs Davis Redfield Remix)

  5. barcelona doesnt make messi, messi makes barcelona, and so does xavi, but xavi doesnt make messi. xavi and iniesta only 7 assists to messi. out of all the goals, messi assist 24 times. and in real madrid, mesut ozil and di maria assist ronaldo 17 goals.. and ronaldo assist 8 times. barcelona without xavi is iron man on low power, and barcelona without messi is iron man with no arc reactor.

  6. messi is the king of all time the greatest player of all time. fuck fucking gay players like ronaldo bläää they are shame of football. you cant never compare messi with another player in thhis era no one is like messi is from another planet. he is the king so do Barcelona

  7. @senny82 About ronaldo not being good in big games…copa del rey final? His goal agains chealse in the cl final? He even scored in both classicos agains barca. You can say messi is better but you can’t say ronaldo is flop in big games just sayin’. Cause if the WHOLE team plays like shit ronaldo can’t overrun 10 players and chip the goalkeeper. You have to be realistic.

  8. @senny82 We are humans like wenger. Of course he has more knowledge bout football but i can still have a opinion. Like i said before i know that messi is better than ronaldo i just wanted to kake clear that gomez can’t be compared to RONALDO or messi.

  9. Ronaldo was there in big games? Stop kidding me. When? In the Final of the Euro 04 vs. Greece? In the CL Final vs. Chelsea where he missed a Penalty? Or in those clasicos where Madrid got wiped out of the Stadium by Barca? Messi scored in both CL Finals he appeared. Scored twice vs. Madrid in the Semi Final. In every clasico he is there with goals or assists. CR is not nearly on Messi’s level. Arsene wenger just stated, Messi is the best he ever seen. So who are you or me compared to Wenger?

  10. @nasir2010khan And you don’t have to explain me why messi is best. Even himself said that it’s BARCA who’s maling him that good. Like i said before individually i think ronaldo is better.

  11. @nasir2010khan I never said that messi wasn’t important for barca because of course he’s important but xavi and iniesta are even more importtant. I only said that ronaldo was important. Ecause i wanted to explain why you cant compare Gomez to them.

  12. so u think barca r same wid out messi ? dude watch the barca matches 80% of the attack comes through messi …… with out cr7 madrid is little weak i agree but wid out messi barca suffers …. did u see their recent match in laliga widout messi ?

  13. I didn´t say that Ronaldo is as good as messi because of his goals and Gomez is REALLY JUST a tap in scorrer.I´m german and I know the german bundesliga and even there he´s just scoring tap in and tap in…
    Ronaldo on the otherway is winning balls(In the last few weekds) carrying the team along because without him Madrid would be really bad compared to barca.
    Ronaldo was in the most important games always there when the team needed him something you can´t say about gomez.

  14. im barca fan and to be fair i dont think ronaldo is close to messi … if u compare him to messi becoz of his goals then also compare that german striker gomez … on the football field nobody is equal to wat messi can do …… beleive me im saying this as a football fan

  15. First song is : Disco Fries feat. Niles Mason – Born To Fly (Disco Fries Liftoff! Remix)

    Second song is: Chrizzo & Maxim Feat. Amanda Wilson – Runaway (G&G Vs. Davis Redfield Remix) HD votes to stay on top 😉

  16. Big barça fan live just outside of barça 4 3 years now! Been to many games including the Clasico last summer when barça won 3-2 , when messi ran round 2 or 3 supposibly world class defenders and chipped the best keeper in the world . Seriously the boy is unreal! Machine! Best player ever ! Seriously if you think ronaldo tevez and Rooney was a good partnership your a bell nd!

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