Messi Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

25 comments on “Lionel Messi with Argentina – 2005-2012 HD

  1. mann, I’m watching this video.. and I have to say, Messi is reaaallyy unlcuky! if most of those chances were goals, they would all be epic. It was almost as if he was cursed everytime he hit the bar or when the keeper turned superhuman /: .. He is undoubtly the best though.

  2. thats true everyone that says Messi doesn’t perform at international level never watch the actual games he is definitely the best one on the field every game.

  3. Es increíble como en Sudáfrica 2010 tubo tantas ocasiones jugadas tan buenas se forzó tanto así mismo pero tubo la mala suerte de que ninguna entrara

  4. Ignore that idiot. There are still some of these jerks in Argentina.
    90% of the country loves messi is the best of the last 15 years. Too bad that Barcelona took him as a boy, I would have liked to see him debut in Newells Old Boys. Surely he would have won the league in Argentina.

  5. THANK you !! it’s not even Funny how bad argentina need messi. all those plays he creates, all those assists he gets, not to mention, lately, he’s been on fire with scoring goals. and yes it’s all idiots who just look at the stats.

  6. siento curiosidad de donde sacaste eso… Porque encendes la tele en cualqier partido del Barcelona y no ves eso, asi que nose de donde lo habras sacado

  7. in world cup 2010 i watched almoust every game. intill argentina was knocked out messi was the best player! no doubt. only bad luck kept him from the goal list. but he assisted many

  8. so true. i watch as many as i can. he is the best on the pitch every time!!
    its not always about the goals. he lifts argentinga waaay up

  9. messi es uno de los grandes pero en jugadas jamas igualara a ronaldinho, ni nadie ah jugado mejor que ronaldinho, los goles por lo general y casi en su totalidad son gracias al equipo que que les ponen el balon en los pies del delantero y este solo empujan el balon que ya se la dieron servida, cuando realmente el merito del gol es del resto del equipo que la sudan para que llegue el balon al arco contrario para que estos solo la tomen y listo, los golen no dicen nada, las jugadas cuentan

  10. Who the fuck is care if you are argentinian, you dumb fuck. Let me tell you something, your are a fuckin’ disgrace for your own country. SHAME!

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