Messi Video Score: four / five

24 comments on “|| Lionel Messi || World’s Greatest Player || ITV4 Documentary ||

  1. so much anger in this one, jealous is not good for you bro, you need to enjoy life more, get out and get some air, get girlfriend or something, get you mom to a fine restaurant or something, why so much fuck this and fuck that, kid you need to chill. anger dont get you far in life, only get you farter from those near you. and dont watch if you dont like, only stupid people watch thing they dont like, a you that stupid???????

  2. Thats all u can say u cant argue against me, so sad, pathetic fake barca fan that wanks off to messi posters, bitch please…..

  3. It seems like you’re a sad pathetic kid who needs to get a life. I think you should book an appointment with a psychologist because I honestly think you have a mental problem.

  4. why would i be jealous of somebody that isnt even an natural talent but needed drugs to make him stronger and able to play better? Why would i be jealous of somebody that cheats and doesnt respect other players and also acts so fucking fake and gets away with everything no fuck messi more and more people are starting to see what he really is and that is good, fuck messi and fuck barcelona and fuck catalonia and fuck all of u fake barca fans

  5. messi no huvieras ganado la champions si no fuera por ronaldiño eres bueno pero cuando estaba ronaldiño eras aun mejor gracias a el tu hiciste el primer gol

  6. If you hate messi you hate football and youself, nothing in life is for free, and respect to him for working hard for his goal in life, and messi kinda represent us “normal” people, that you dont need to be born like christiano to be top player in the world, whit good physic and height.
    I hear alot of kids now that play football that if messi could do it, that they will do it to. that make future bright. But haters always gona hate, no matter what!
    from united fan:D thk mrchelsea

  7. no disrespect, but i don’t think Pele is that good, he played while offside was allowed in football, if Pele played in the same era as Maradona or even now, he will be just a simple player, so plese people don’t compare him to these Argentinians geniuses

  8. jealous mothafuker to sad that your a ronaldo fan you knw what go fuk your mom you son of a bitch and if you dont like messi why are you watching this you ugly bastard your grandma is going to die you cock-suker

  9. Fuck messi, fuck that overrated boring fake ugly midget, and fuck all of u messi fans to, drug cheating loving motherfuckers, he will never ever be considerd a legend until he wins the world cup or preforms at high lever in another league but he is to afraid and fake and overrated to even dare to try, ugly midget

  10. What is your problem you sub-human? Judging by our poor spelling, you should be the one who should shut up! Do you think that I am not aware that FC Barcelona are ‘super favourites’? What a waste…

  11. In Pele time there were no knee surgery, no red card! A sliding tackle from behind was considered normal! If Messi played in Pele’s time he would have to be a lot stronger than he is today! It’s silly to compare those two because the game it self was different! we should just be thankful that we were able to see then play!

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