Messi Video clip Ranking: four / 5

25 comments on “Lionel Messi’s 14 Assists of 2011/12 in 90 Seconds

  1. this is JUST 1 reason Messi is the best player ever. Add onto that, his finishing, his dribbling, his technique ect ect. Maradona was Maradona only sometimes. Messi is Maradona everyday!

  2. c.ronaldo scored 10 penlaties in la liga this season, while MESSI only scored 2… and if u notice most of ronaldo’s goals are tap ins and penalties.

  3. those are probably the best two options, true, though cavani isn’t as good in link up play as van persie

    the problem with barca is that they rely too heavily on messi, he never rests, he plays every match and subsquently is too tired for the big matches or basically any match on the road

    this actually has happened every season except pep’s first year, where eto’o and henry could carry the scoring load on their own when messi was rested

  4. @tqlax21Eto’o should’ve remained to be honest. He’s got the pace and the finisher’s touch. Ibrahimovic is highly talented but he cost Barcelona almost 60 million pounds at age of 28. Thats too pricy.

    I think Pep has gotten it all wrong with his biggest transfer. The lack of a dangerous out and out is proving to be fatal to Barcelona’s la Liga campaign. They seriously need to get a Cavani or Van Persie in soon.

  5. best player ever, nobody is close to him, without messi, barca wouldnt win shit, madrid would be dominating, its not xavi and iniesta, its messi whos the heart of this team

  6. Yeah, just depends on your definition of assist, the Mallorca one was barely an assist, and the websites I use didn’t give in to him. He did a short pass to Alves pretty much on the touchline, who then has 5 touches and a really long shot, so not sure about this one..

  7. no, he’s not the best passer on passing skills alone, but combine his top 10 passing skills with his number 1 dribbling skills, and you have the best playmaker in the world

    and that’s not including his number 1 goal scoring ability

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