Messi seems to have earned another fan – this time its Jupp Heynckes, the coach of Bayern Munich, who feels that the Argentine star can placed in equal honor with Pele & Maradona.

Hailed as one among the greatest of soccer players of the world, the Barcelona hero has impressed everybody with amazing performances over the years, earning a good lot of fans down the line. However, the new name in his fan list surely catapults the star’s glam quotient given his esteemed presence in the soccer world and the high respect he holds for the young player.

The 26 year old Barcelona player was one of the most consistent Ballon d’Or trophy winners for 4 times. Unfortunately, he missed out on his 5th turn this year by losing the trophy to very charismatic Christian Ronaldo from real Madrid. However, that couldn’t suppress the famous coach’s high feeling for the Argentine & the Bayern Munich man is of the firm belief that Messi truly deserves to be placed in simultaneous stature with the greatest of soccer legends.

“Messi was the most consistent winner of Ballon d’Or trophy for the pat few years”, noted the 68 year old fan. He is surely a genius & definitely deserves to be compare with Pele & Maradona.

Added to Messi, Heynckes was in full praise for Christiano Ronaldo as well. “The very way Ronaldo plays the ball, is just incredible. He is so strong physically & is really dangerous before goal- he is another unique player”, remarked Heynckes about the dapper Portugal star.

Heynckes also spoke high about Franck Ribery, especially highlighting on his rising performance & sense of team ethics. Ribery came 3rd in Ballon d’Or FIFA 2013 race, behind Christiano Ronaldo & Messi.