Lionel Messi sets such a high standard for himself that even if he has a decent season, people start saying that he is struggling.

For Messi, every season has got to be a top season because he is a superman of the soccer world.

If somebody has a look at Messi’s numbers in the previous season, he would find out that they are actually not that bad.

The 26-year old forward had 28 strikes to his name in the Spanish top tier. Yes, 28 goals. Still, there were murmurs that his game was coming down.

Of course, with Messi, you always expect more, but, people must realize that he is a human being after all. He might be miraculously talented, but, he is also bound to make mistakes, he is also bound to have off seasons.

The thing with Messi in 2013-14 was that he sustained an injury early in the season and that just happened to break his flow.

This season has not started too differently for the Argentinean either as he has again had an injury blow. It is reported to be just a minor blow, but, an injury always sort of disturbs you a little bit, even if it’s a minor one. Coming back is always difficult.

There is a lot of responsibility on Messi this season. He has to win back the La Liga for his team and also, he has to win back the Ballon d’or. In short, he has to prove again he is the best in the business in every mean.

He has not gone to feature for his country in the friendly against Germany keeping his niggle in mind. He doesn’t want to risk it. He himself would be very keen to make this season his own anyhow. His fans should just hope that his fitness doesn’t let him down again.