Messi has been having a busy season. In the beginning, in September this year, he talked about how he and the team were trying to retain Neymar for the summer months. Neymar and his exit from the team of Paris Saint Germain was in the news for a while, especially when the Brazilian talked about his want to come back to Barcelona. He has left Messi’s team for Paris two years back.

Many executives of PSG stated that the star player lacked commitment and that he was looking to come back to Real Madrid. However, no deal was formed and Neymar continues to play for Paris. Messi admits that he also wanted the player to return but no demands were made. The Argentine stated that there had been several discussions made but that the player was not asked to sign up. The team simply stated that they would want Neymar back if he wanted to come but there were several obstacles such as his present contract and the way he had left the team two years back.

However, Messi feels that he would have helped increase the chances of positive results for the team. The Argentine captain has had many things to handle since then. For instance, there was a training camp that Messi and Ansu Fati attended recently before the Champions League season started.

This training camp was organized for leaders of the Group F team. This was aimed towards helping them hone their playing skills, especially before the knockout matches started. For Messi, the training was a good way to prepare for the upcoming match that the team had against the Slavia Prague team. Till then Barcelona has been able to navigate through the group matches of Champions League and came to occupy the first position, having gained about seven points from three games. This helped to place them before Inter Milan.

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