Messi Online video Rating: four / five

25 comments on “Real MAdrid vs Levante 5-1 Goals & highlights (6/4/2013)

  1. I geel that adi maria is only good at crossinv people but when it comes to scoring he is,not that gud

  2. Higuain “indestructible”: gran mérito del argentino siempre dispuesto, siempre 100% corazón y compromiso. Si esto fuese el Barça lo llamaríamos “canterano”. Benzema es vendible (con dolor, pero vendible), Higuain NO.

  3. i can tell that you are a RM fan and not FCB fan just from you opinion, cuz an FCB fan will switch CR with messi

  4. for now?…

    1.brazilian ronaldo doesn’t play anymore…

    2.Ronaldinho “plays” football, he isn’t serious about it. how can you put him in front of messi? that is so retarded.

    3. I still don’t understand if your list is CURRENT or OF ALL TIME… explain yourself and try not to contradict yourself.

  5. guys nobody compare real with Barcelona because real marid are the best the prove is this RM 11-1 FCB
    RM 8-2 FCB
    RM 5-0 FCB
    RM 5-0 FCB
    RM 4-1 FCB
    RM 4-2 FCB
    Pure barcaa >><<<<<<

  6. i listed those for now they are the best player based on their list
    where u mean generation
    those player will still the best as i listed and i didn’t talk about generation or population you look drank when u said that
    u should know the truth bra

  7. until now?? or currently playing??
    if this is until now, then you haven’t seen the REAL best players

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