The Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has claimed that he does not spend a lot of time looking at his personal achievements. The 25-year-old recently managed to break the all-time record for the most number of goals scored in a calendar year. He managed to claim that 91 goals in all competitions for Barcelona and Argentina. This was followed by the success in the FIFA Ballon d’Or awards when he managed at lift his fourth consecutive title as the world’s best player. Despite the numerous personal accolades he has received over the last five years, Messi has said that it is the team’s success that counts.

Messi has managed it to win almost every major title in the world with both club and country. However, there are a few trophies that continue to elude the Argentine. Messi has always spoken about the desire to win the FIFA World Cup. He recently said that he would be willing to swap for his personal accolades for success in this tournament. Messi recently signed a contract with Barcelona that will keep him at the club for the next five years. He has also become the highest-paid player in the world as a result of this contract. He has said that he is just happy to play for a club like Barcelona.

“How have I grown? Honestly? I have not evaluated it, I do not know. I always hope to improve on everything. And that also includes my career, of course. I try not to think about my personal growth in sport. But obviously I am changing my mind as I get older, but I have not stopped to evaluate how things have changed in my game, at least, not yet,” said the Argentine. His goals this season have helped Barcelona to the top of the league.

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