Messi Video Score: four / 5

25 comments on “Todos los 234 Goles de Lionel Messi en FC Barcelona uno por uno

  1. mate everytime you say ‘excuse my english’ now this time,you really should have written that cause you wrote ‘pepople’..and yes,messi is not1. times better than CR7 but he is 0.50 better than cr7..and i don’t know why you ‘messi haters’ watch messi’s videos rather than watching cr7’s.

  2. 235 goals now..out of those 235 goals only 18 from penalty. Cristiano scores that many penalties in one season so who is better?

  3. yeah its a gap. The gap still exists against every other team on the planet. What are you arguing about. If barcelona played in the premier they would own ever team there too. Its not even up for discussion. Just because they are more even teams in the premier doesnt make La liga a worse leauge, it just means they got harder to compete with the best teams on the planet. WHAT TO DO..?

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