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25 comments on “Messi yet to grow into Argentina legend

  1. zidane had to do the same thing..and he do it..becouse he was better..and he has argentina for god sake..he doesnt have romania my contry..or grece or turky or rusia japan usa ..he has argentina ..still a very good offence hes an amazing player but not that good to make the diference and to be a leader..its not his maradona..the guy was a leader not only knew some skills..hes job what u are saying has beeing done but many players before him..not imposible for leader

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  3. in Argentina he can’t score becus no one is a playmaker besides him plus he is always the one that has to do everything and when he does a pass that is a perfect the strikers miss it example Gonzalo and lavezzi n the Argentina coaches suck they to just rely on messi

  4. I’d like to see him do something worthwhile internationally or away from barca befroe calling him the greastest. Doesn’t make me a hater, just a person who uses the word greatest sparingly.

  5. Messi is an amazing player but you all have to realize that the only reason why Barcelona is Barcelona is because of Xavi. He is the engine to the team and he is the true reason why they are so good. Xavi always puts the team before him and if it wasnt for this, i sadly have to say that Barcelona wouldnt be so good. Messi is a great player but if it isnt for Xavi he wouldnt get as many of those great opportunities to make great plays

  6. Pressure Argentina and yeah, many countries, europeans even said it themselves that their victory didnt convinced them, remember this is Costa Rica were talking about an invitee, who brougjt their U 22 team

  7. Argentina beated Costa Rica and now they boast that Messi is back? Lol Costa Rica respects Messi, even wanted his autograph, thses guys didnt presdure

  8. @Sidsix5555 dude shut up with that same old shit first off many legends (legends are players who won or shined world cup by the way, dont call him a legend yet) shined ALONE in their national and thats what made them legends, if being succesful in clubs like Barcelona is the only way Messi can shine, then hes a great player and not a legend. PS : You dont have to win a world cup to be a legend you just have to shine in a world cup, look at Cruiff, Puskas, Eusebio etc

  9. Yes he is the greatest – no one said Barca dont win with out him. I said they are become a totally different team, and thats a fact.You are saying that since he is not playing as well with a set of teaamtes vs another, he is not the greatest. Willingly omitting factors as familiarity gained through yrs of playing with those teamates…that right there makes you hater, dude he is the greatest just deal with it, he is not playing well with argentina,yea, but thats another story…

  10. Over the past 2 seasons Barca have won every league match in which Messi has not played. He is a great player but whether you like it or not he is a shadow of his Barca form when with Argentina. Call me a hater if you like but that is what I see. He has to prove himself when not playing with what is for all intents and purposes the Spain world cup winning team – Iniesta, Villa, Xavi, Busquets, Pedro – around him.

  11. hahaha another hater. Messi is the greatest player in the world. I know, I know he is from Argentina, so it cant be, but it is…Barca with out, Messi, is a boring one dimensional team..
    DiMaria is a bitch. Cambiasso is past his prime, Pastore has yet yo play…Gago? he is in decline, and barely saw action last game…please get ur facts straight and quit hating

  12. dude he is the greatest not amount of over analyzation will help, apply your logic to barca..have you seen Xavi and Iniesta play without Messi?..I have..they Barca becomes a different team with out Messis genius, and thats a fact. All you guys are just closet Messi haters looking for ways to rationalize your dislike of the kid hehe

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