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25 comments on “Lionel Messi And Barcelona Accused Of Sending Secret Signals To Syrian Rebels

  1. actually its not -_- it went on SKY News…it is only a propaganda technique. Sky News or the BBC cannot by law misinform the public about false or unreliable information. therefore this video is only a theory and not reliable, basically its BULLSHIT

  2. This is called propaganda. It is a fake video that is made to look like it was broadcast by a Syrian channel, in an attempt to make them look stupid, because only a moron would believe this garbage.

  3. if you watch Barcelona play a lot, you can clearly see that they send messages to the worlds terrorist by dribbling and scoring & if you add up all the players shirt numbers, it adds up to 666.

    just kidding :p

  4. This theory is bullshit, I’m a Real MaDird fan but this is pathetic attempt to accuse the best football team in the world of helping Syrian Rebels…

  5. this bullshit is a fabrication by aljazeera channel, the journalist that is talking in this video is not the journalist that narrates,owns and always makes this “media darkness” report that is shown everyday at addounia tv

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