Some years ago, this question may not even have been allowed to come out of the mouth of any football fan even if it pops up as a random thought. However, with how fast-paced the changes in football have proven to become over the last couple of years, it is looking as though there’s nothing that can be termed “impossible”. For instance, it would have been very difficult to predict that Lionel Messi would leave Barcelona and sign for Paris Saint-Germain but of course, we have seen that happen already even though some people are still finding it hard to embrace that reality.

Also, it was always looking like Cristiano Ronaldo would end his career at Spanish La Liga giants Real Madrid given how he was idolized by the club’s fans and of course, the several achievements he earned while playing for the Los Blancos. But we have seen him leave Madrid as well and although he now plays for the club where he established himself as a superstar, Manchester United, he already had a stint with Italian Serie A giants Juventus before making the homecoming to Old Trafford last summer.

Messi also left Barcelona last summer and although he had offers from other clubs, including Manchester City, he opted to join Paris Saint-Germain instead. Following the confirmation that Ronaldo would be leaving Juventus last summer, Paris Saint-Germain were mentioned as one of hisikely destinations, as well as City, of course.

Months after he rejected a move to Paris and signed for United, Ronaldo has once again been linked with a transfer to PSG, with a 12-month deal being mentioned. This has led to a huge question being asked; will we see Ronaldo and Messi play together before hanging their boots? Time will tell.

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