Messi Video Ranking: four / five

25 comments on “Lionel Messi – 92 Assists for FC Barcelona

  1. Sometimes i was wondering how good messi are in these days. However when i saw this i discovered that he plays exactly the same way as he did in the beginning of his blaugrana career. We must enjoy and appreciate him, because we will never see a player like this anymore. Thank you allasFCB2 for this amazing video. Great work.

  2. just 24 soon 25, if he keep on playing like this to 35, other football legend will watch him whith Binoculars telescope. la manita de dios

  3. This video makes you realise the entire first team of barca is undoubtedly world class, some of these finishes from villa/henry/eto/xavi/iniesta are unreal.

  4. After 33 year old [ even if he will not be as fast as he’s now ] he will be an excellent midfielder like Xavi or Iniesta… great vision love to watch him !!

  5. Get Messi : you have ; 1.Best forward.2.Best right attacking midfielder(one of the best along with Xavi)

  6. The great thing about Messi is that not only he is the world class attacker but also the one of the best midfielders. It’s like 2 for the price of 1

  7. His passing is something C.ronaldo does not have…. C.R will always be behind Messi because he does not have a great football brain to be great..

  8. Wow… You can definitely see how much he has matured over the years, specially since Guardiola came. Before, his assists where mostly pretty basic passes, drop-backs, etc. Now he sees runs and opportunities not even people watching the whole pitch in the TV could see. I think it’s this amazing vision and ability to run and dictate plays rather than just finishing them that sets him apart from any other footballer today. I’m lucky I get to see him play at his finest. Visca Barca!

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