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25 comments on “Lionel Messi Amazing Goal Sevilla vs Barcelona 0-2 17/03/2012

  1. Messi is unbelievably good, but he wouldn’t have it easy if he played in Italy or England, The Spanish Liga is very open and gives a lot of space, most of fifa player of the year came from playing in the Spanish Liga. The real test for Messi will be the next world cup, if I remember well the last world cup he didn’t score a single goal and Germany trashed Argentina in the quarter final. Let’s wait and see 2014.

  2. a mio parere messi non è………UMANOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ma come cazzo fa….. fa sembrare facili giocate difficilissime!!!! numero 1 tutta la vita

  3. I remember Messi scoring 4 goals against Arsenal, and two goals in both finals against Manchester (08/09 and 10/11). So I don’t know if it’s the defenders that are very bad, or Messi that is just unbelievably good.

  4. then how you explain that in europa legue are 3 spanish teams and bilbao” raped “manchester united (the lider off premier league)…..comon man for now spanish leagur rules by far

  5. Nice goal but those defenders… come on. That is why I don’t waste time watching the Spanish Liga, it is one of the least competitive, there is Barcelona and Real Madrid on top and the rest way down there.

  6. Que golaço foi esse ,não tenho mais palavras para descrever o futebol do gênio chamado Lionel Messi ,ele e simplesmente mito!!Já esta entre os principais jogadores da história do futebol.

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