Messi Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

25 comments on “Lionel Messi & Dani Alves aka Alvessi

  1. I honestly don’t think many people realizes how big of a role Alves has in Barcelona. The way he plays is incredible. To me he’s one of the best back-players in the world. He’s always by Messi’s side, and I even remember a time Alves wasn’t able to play Montoya played his spot, and since he is definitely not as offensive as Alves ones could see that Messi was complete lost, he even told Montoya to play as offensive as Alves does. Therefore I think Messi and Alves fit well together. Incredible!!

  2. You missed my point. I was referring to how anachronistic your use of the word “disco” is, considering that hardly anyone produces that type of music in the present day. You may be referring to several types of electronic music of which I am a fan. There is house music (very popular as an energetic backdrop to videos), trance, dubstep (general shit), and a variety of amalgamations of these. Authentic house music (by European producers) is not mainstream. It is often bastardized by US rappers.

  3. Yes, disco is total crap nothing more. High-quallity music does NOT depend on date. High-quallity music will survive years and ages.. How many years will survive russian disco, mtv-gay disco, and so on? =D
    C’mon, don’t be stupid! Mainstream music is not always the best!

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