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24 comments on “Lionel Messi vs Bayer Leverkusen (H) 11-12 HD 720p by LionelMessi10i [Cropped]

  1. lol Ronaldo has scored more penalties this season than Messi, one game doesn’t prove shit! Messi 58, Ronaldo 49! Stats speak for itself

  2. Those are fan made videos! The whole world knows Messi is one of the best of all time! Just because Madrid lose all the time doesn’t mean the ref is on their side!

  3. oh yeah? just type in roaldo owns messi u’ll get u r answer :) or another one acting by barcelona u’ll know the true about barcelona 🙂 they allways play with 12 men cause the ref is on their side 😉 it isn’t called uefalona without reason 😉

  4. No, I’d say they are both on par. Does it matter who is better? We should be very thankful to be seeing this immense concentration of talent in one league. Messi is a master of ball control, while Ronaldo is an all-round talent. I think you’d be better off watching them play then to waste your time comparing.

  5. Dude ffs, that’s bullshit. Messi owns this Cristiano guy anytime. His preformance in Argentina is excelent. Funny how last match ended 0-0 for Portugal and 1 – 3 for Argentina.
    Who scored ? Messi, all of them. So bitch please.

  6. cr7 vs messi?? there is no comparison..
    messi already has be compare to the legend like pele, maradona and etc by those legend himself. so who is cr7 among this legend? he mybe one or two level below while messi MAYBE is on the par right now. i think ronaldo should be compare with the player like Rvp, mario gomez, rooney and aguero. they all are prolific goal scorer. but with messi. definitely NO.
    but i enjoy both of them.

  7. Ronaldo has never dominated the CL in the two teams he’s been in, and it’s the only competition which involves all the best teams in the world and you’re still saying Ronaldo is better? Please, stop embarrassing yourselves.

  8. if ronaldo was that great hed have half as much for portugal too right!? ozil and di maria the 2 highest assisters in the league both at madrid! cr7 has 1 free kick which was basically an own goal for madrid this season,and dont compare,its not fact its your opinion if theres a fact of whos better it would be messi hence 3 ballon d ors in a row voted for by top players and managers,ballon d or 012 messi 48% of votes cr7 21%,get some knowledge!

  9. He himself says he does his scoring celebration ( both hands in the air looking up) for hir grandma who first showed him football. Doubt he is THAT religious.

  10. That`s kinda what he said.. He said Leo scores 5 goals in 1 match, while Ronaldo had scored 5 goals total this UCL… Learn to read bro.

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